Evaluating differences.

CAPTain Competency Test

Online competency tests for better self-awareness by mapping the competencies of employees and managers in support of recruiting, hiring, developing and managing the whole lifecycle of a company.

Motivational test

To understand the different motivational structures for better employee placement and development.


Assessment / Development center

Shaping and actualizing the most reliable tool of selection to understand the employees usual reaction style and behavior.



Support and follow-up of effective development with the tools of the CAPTain Online system under the supervision of our consultants.

Aptitude tests

An effective preselection method for quickly measuring the employees calculating and verbal skills.


Organisational development

Organizational diagnostics, determining development goals and effective interventions for constant development and adequate adaptation.



Support of the selection process with our tests fitted for the exact requirements of our customers’ company.

CAPTain 360 and 180

To understand the employees’ competency structure from different perspectives for more efficient development and performance evaluation

Performance evaluation

Competency based performance evaluation for effectively support the feedback system.



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