CAPTain Advanced



CAPTain Analysis is a test based on the disciplines of work psychology and scientific research, which effectively predicts how an individual will react and behave in certain workplace situations, as well as to what extent the individual’s competencies meet the expectations of a particular job.

What is included in the CAPTain Advanced report?

This report provides the most detailed information on CAPTain Analysis and Subjective test tesults. The subject is fully and objectively characterized along the 38 competencies of the CAPTain competency model, in relation to topics important for the job, such as:


  • work attitude
  • work style
  • in the case of a leader, the leadership competencies, in the case of an employee, leadership potential and the role in teamwork
  • decisiveness
  • team attitude and cooperativeness
  • change management
  • communication and conflict management
  • developmental potentials
  • etc.

The content of the report package is a 45-page text summary report, which analyzes the competencies and self-knowledge of the respondent in a way that is comprehensible to everyone.

The package includes two additional reports that require assistance in interpretation from an expert.

The graphical report summarizes all the results on one page, visually displays the achieved values ​​and self-knowledge on each competency. Complemented with CAPTain profiles, the fit of the respondent to the job expectations (also in percentage form) can be displayed and measured.

The third part of the package is the combinational report, which lists the potential opportunities and risks inherent in an individual based on different combinations of factors.



Available versions of the report:

  • managers (team leader, middle manager, senior manager, sales manager, project manager, etc.)
  • sales (B2B sales, consulting sales, consulting, etc.)
  • employee (administrative work, programmer, financial analyst, HR staff, auditor, customer service, etc.)
  • graduate

any job expectations  specified by the client.