CAPTain Agility



CAPTain Analysis Agility is a test based on the disciplines of work psychology and scientific research, which effectively predicts how an individual will react and behave in certain workplace situations, and how compatible the test subject’s personal needs, demands and motivations are with the increasingly important and widely used agile methodology.

What is included in the CAPTain Agility report?



 The report consists of a descriptive and a graphical result, which objectively characterizes the subject by following the 31 variables of the CAPTain competency model along the 7 key agility topics, which are:




  • Motivation and motivating others
  • Efficiency, planning and flexibility
  • Innovation and proactivity
  • Following projects
  • Interacting with others
  • Communication and
  • Leader behaviour (leadership version) or Teamwork behaviour (employee version)


The evaluation of the test can be adapted not only to the general principles of agility, but also to the system requirements currently developed in the specific jobs of the organization, necessary for the introduction or effective operation of the agile methodology.



CAPTain Analysis Agility also measures the self-knowledge of the test subject, which can provide an important basis for the personal discussion session after the testing and can greatly contribute to the exploration of the development potential and to development as well.






The descriptive result is an easily interpretable description of a test subject’s behaviour on agility competencies. The textual report also includes a graph of the results by topic, showing how the filler’s current competencies relate to the ideal values. The text report also details the person’s most important strengths and areas for improvement  within each topic and also states the percentage of compliance with the requirements.

The graphical report can be complemented with the self-knowledge aspect so the person’s opinion about his/her own competencies becomes apparent. The graphcial report establishes a match index for the total of the test result, which shows, in percentage form the overall match of the subject results to the requirements of the operation in agile methodology.