CAPTain 360°/ 180°


In the CAPTain 360° evaluation, participants get feedback from their colleagues, how others think about their personal work related competencies and how it compares to their own self-evaluation.


I am interested.

What does it measure?

CAPTain 360° makes it possible to compare the persons’ competencies from different perspectives – we are collecting information from managers, colleagues, subordinates, customers and from the person himself/herself. The questionnaire measures along 38 work related competencies (leadership behavior, social behavior, decision making, change management, etc.). The competencies can be fitted for the requirements of our customers’ company, it can be shortened or extended and the report is also customizable.

Primarily CAPTain 360°is used for developmental purposes or it can act as a base for a performance evaluating competency based interview.


The report

The report enables full anonymity for participants because it works only with the average of the different groups’ evaluations. It shows both the participants self-evaluations and the given groups’ evaluations in a graphical and in a written form. The report highlights those competencies in which there is a significant difference between the evaluation of the different groups and the person’s self-evaluation, and ends with a development plan.

The CAPTain 360° is also suitable for measuring the person’s job fit or comparing his/ her results with the ones of other participants’. This way the participants can see the organizational culture and place themselves in it.