Organizational development / Diagnostics

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Long-term organizational success largely depends on continuous development and adequate adaptation to the changing environment and requirements. Good development programs always start with diagnostics to identify the organizations’ current state (organizational goals, job descriptions, organizational structure, processes and dynamics, flow of information, etc.) that leads to finding the key elements and targets of the program.

In diagnostics, CAPTain provides professional support for identifying areas to develop and resources with drawing a concrete action plan. As an outcome of the measurement, we can reveal the competency structure and motives of the colleagues on every level of the organization. Statistical analysis makes it possible to get an objective picture about the current states, the organizational culture and structure and the focus of the given intervention.

Another important stage of development is efficiency analysis. The most reliable way for this is using objective measurement tools – such as CAPTain. We can get information about the effects of the program (which goals are reached, other changes induced by the program, etc.) by measuring the very same factors before and after the intervention.