Assessment/Development Center

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Assessment Center is one of the most reliable tools for managers and employees, which gives us the chance to observe the persons’ behavior in real, job-specific situations. The advantage of AC is the longer time-period and the richer information about the person compared to an interview. It makes it easier to compare candidates, since they participate in the very same method.

Development Center is also a widely accepted and reliable tool for developing managers or employees. It provides an opportunity for participants to try themselves in new situations relevant to their professional development. It can also prove as beneficial when the company wants to promote colleagues or in those cases when we want to collect information about the person’s workplace behavior from different sources.

Our consultants are happy to assist the whole process of AC and DC. We always create a unique, job specific method based on our customers’ requirements and we take part in the practical implementation. In the preparation period we provide help in identifying the key competencies to be measured, professionally preparing the colleagues who are responsible for conducting the AC and DC and finding the most suitable tasks and exercises.

Integrating competency test into AC/DC

It’s worth mentioning that some people perform well in everyday life, but in these situations, when they have pressure on them or are observed by others, they can hardly act as normal. The complete opposite of this scenario is also possible, when someone can act more consciously at an AC, causing a bias about his/her performance this way. Thus, it is worth to support these direct observations with some other tools. Tests can help us form an objective judgement about a person and make the right decision.

CAPTain Online Tests are capable of providing an objective evaluation about a person and thereby boosting the effectiveness of the AC/DC method. With testing before the AC/DC, we can reduce the cost of the whole project by preselecting potential candidates and it is easier to choose the most suitable tasks and excercises based on these results.

Based on the test results and the observations at the AC/DC together we can form a multi-perspective, thorough picture about the person, including how he/she acts under pressure in a simulated situation and how he/she behaves in everyday life at his/her workplace. It makes it possible to make the right decision at the end of the project.

If we integrate testing into the DC process, we can indentify one’s strengths and areas to be developed based on not only about their real life performance, but their CAPTain test results as well. Another advantage is that the CAPTain Analysis and Subjective together give us the opportunity to compere the person’s self-evaluation with the objective test results, thereby we get a picture about his/her self awareness.