CAPTain Interview



CAPTain Analysis is a test based on the disciplines of work psychology and scientific research, which effectively predicts how an individual will react and behave in certain workplace situations, as well as the extent to which the test subject’s personal needs, wants and motivations are compatible with the expectations of the job and the organizational culture.

The CAPTain Interview report is a complementary report package that effectively supports the selection interviews. The report not only supports the work of HR professionals, it also helps executives who have not learned competency-based interviewing.

What is included in the CAPTain Interview report?



The results notebook contains a description of the factors in which the candidate’s values ​​are considered outstanding or risky, or differ from the ideal values ​​expected in the position, i.e which are definitely worth asking about during the interview.


For each of these competencies, the report package includes competency-based interview questions to assist you in further developing the topic. An additional benefit of the package is that it displays the differencess between the self-image and the test result, and at the end of the report it displays the results in an interview summary table, which the interviewer can complement with his/her own notes.


Available versions of the report:


  • leader(team leader, middle manager, senior manager, sales manager, project manager, etc.)
  • sales (B2B sales, consulting sales, consulting, etc.)
  • employee (administrative work, programmer, financial analyst, HR staff, auditor, customer service, etc.)
  • graduate
  • any job expectations specified by the client.